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Accounting & Tax Services

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Tax Preparation

• We handle even the most complex tax situations with expertise and patience.
• Our team stays updated on continually changing tax laws and how they affect your yearly returns.
• We can prepare personal or business federal income tax returns for all 50 states.

Individual Tax Planning

• Our team can help you establish your short-term and long-term tax planning goals to take a proactive approach to your wealth management.
• Our seasoned professionals have a comprehensive understanding of local, state, and federal tax regulations.


Business Tax Planning

• We focus on issues critical to your business: finances, operations, profit planning, and start-up projects.
• We can advise you on the different forms of ownership and related tax consequences.

Tax Audit Representation

• Our firm can represent you before various federal and state tax agencies.
• It is our goal to provide efficient, affordable, and extremely discrete representation services.