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Serving Clients Throughout the Puget Sound Region

Fleck Jurenka, LLP is a CPA firm that provides high-quality accounting and tax services to a diverse clientele of individuals and businesses in the Puget Sound region. Located in Downtown Issaquah, we offer clients over forty years of accounting and financial planning experience. Our team can provide you with tax preparation and consulting services as well. We prepare federal income tax returns in all 50 states and urge our clients to ask us any question that might have economic and tax consequences.

Our professionals combine their technical expertise with a wide range of resources, including those through our affiliations, to give you the personalized service you deserve. We believe the success of our firm depends on how well we understand and efficiently meet your specific needs.

Fleck Jurenka, LLP is dedicated to developing a trusting relationship with each client and maintaining the highest accounting and ethical standards of our profession. For a free estimate and guaranteed price quote, contact our office today by calling (425) 677-8253. We look forward to assisting you.



Tax Preparation & Consulting

Our firm prepares tax returns and offers tax planning opportunities for various situations.

Income Tax Planning

We can advise you on the different forms of business ownership and the related tax consequences.

Tax Audit Representation

There are few things that can be as intimidating as going through a tax audit. You shouldn’t have to handle it alone.


Return Type

Individuals (Form 1040)

Partnerships, S-Corporations and LLC’s
(Forms 1065, 1120S and other)

Trusts, Estates and Gift
(Form 1041 and Form 709)









Any pre-existing tax issues that need to be resolved, or other tax advising beyond filing all federal and state income tax returns will be charged an hourly rate of $300/hr. due to the professional expertise needed.